Xylichew Xylitol Gum - Pomegranate Raspberry - 500 Pieces

Xylichew Gum - Pomegranate Raspberry - 500 Pieces

  • $69.99

  • POMEGRANATE RASPBERRY GUM: A zero calorie gum with unique flavors of sweet raspberries and pomegranates to satisfy your sweet tooth! Xylichew’s pomegranate raspberry flavored gum is an all natural chewing gum that makes for the perfect choice if you are looking for a healthy chewing gum option.
  • NATURAL GUM: Xylichew is a completely sugar free and naturally sweetened chewing gum made from birch xylitol. We are proud to make a chemical free gum with no artificial sweeteners. The best part - no unpleasant aftertaste!
  • DRY MOUTH GUM: Xylichew’s natural chewing gum with xylitol is the healthy gum choice to relieve dry mouth, promote fresh breath, and may work to prevent tooth decay.
  • HEALTHY CHEWING GUM: On top of being sugar free, Xylichew is also gluten free, GMO free, Aspartame free, and Kosher. It makes for the perfect keto gum option.
  • MADE IN THE USA: Xylichew gum is sweetened from birch xylitol from responsibly and sustainably harvested birch and beech trees.

Xylichew was created for your healthy lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for the perfect vegan snack, keto gum or a great tasting sugar free gum, Xylichew gum is made with the health conscious in mind. We use natural ingredients and sweeteners like Birch Xylitol extracted from sustainable US forests. Xylitol gum helps oral care by slowing the rate and amount of acid production in the mouth reducing the acid-producing bacteria that erode tooth enamel. Not only that, Xylichew also helps bad breath, dry mouth and promotes fresh breath! Imagine that, a natural xylitol sweetener that tastes great and promotes healthier teeth.